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Chinese Culture
China Books
China Books & Periodicals, Inc. is America's largest and oldest distributor of books, periodicals and other cultural products from China.
Travel Etiquette
TravelEtiquette was formed to offer a unique reference point on essential etiquette advice and information for worldwide travel.Behaviour and customs vary greatly from country to country. We discuss the correct travel etiquette so that you won't be caught out.
Chinese Culture Net
CCN is an effort to combine the classic, modern and future into one body. CCN's mission is to conquer the communication barrier between the east and west and introduce Chinese culture to the world.
The China Experience
China Culture Index.
Chinese Women in Love and Marriage
Written by Dawn Xiao Yan Li, the co-owner of Asian Promise, this book is a guide to finding happiness in cross-cultural relationships and also a useful reference book for Chinese study. It has received great feedback from the hundreds of men who have purchased and read the book.
Skull And Bones Tomb
Written In Stone book from Richard Cassaro reveals about the powerful triptych code found hidden in the architectural facade of skull and bones tomb.

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