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General Questions
1 How can I start learning Chinese with 77Chinese?
We recommend you to schedule for a free trial lesson at the home page first and know better about our service.

2 Is this a face to face teaching class with my online teacher on Skype and webcam?
Yes, you will see and talk with our teacher via Skype video and audio. All of our lessons are live.

3 Will I have the same teacher as my trail lessons?
Sure, the settlement of trial lessons aims at helping you find your favorite teacher.

4 Will I have the same teacher with all my lessons?
We won’t change your teacher except you want to.

5 How many lessons should I take every week?
Our teachers will provide their suggestions with you according to your personal situation. But the final decision is in your hand. And you can select any class you would like to take from the teachers’ class schedule table.

About Course
1 What is Trial Lesson? How to get it?
In one-on-one private class, the most important thing students concern about is how to find a proper teacher. Besides the elements such as teacher’s teaching level and method which will influence the class’ quality, the teacher’s characteristics also matters. The settlement of our trail lesson aims at helping you to find your own suitable teacher, through making different teacher to teach in different classes, which will last half an hour each time. It should be noticed that the first trail lesson is free, but we will charge the rest of the trail lessons, which need you to purchase if you want to continue your study. The free trial runs about 30 minutes and is a one-on-one session, just you and our professionally trained Chinese teacher. We will prepare a class according to your level and learning needs, so please leave us your valid contact information so we can reach you to arrange it. During the free trial class, you will not only receive professional teaching, but also be able to discuss with your experienced teacher as well as receive valuable suggestions appropriate for your level of Chinese. Signing up for a free trial is easy. Our teachers will contact you within 24 hours to meet your Chinese learning needs. Please note that the free trial Chinese lesson is given only once for each customer.

2 How do I reserve lessons?
Reserve your class by selecting a convenient time for you. (1) After logging in your account, you will find a “schedule a lesson” button. Click it, you will see the schedule table. Please remember that, the trail lessons have to be scheduled 48hours before hand, and the formal lessons 24hours before hand. (2) You need to select the time zone for your classes, and we will convert the course selection times so they correspond to the time zone in your part of the world.

3 Cancel a lesson
You can cancel a reserved free trial or class by visiting the My Account section of the web site. One thing should be mentioned here is your cancel requirement for your free trial or official class should be handled 12hours before hand, otherwise, you need to contact with our service person to cancel your class.

About Services
1 What should I do if I haven’t finished my left trial lessons when I purchase the formal one?
You don’t need to worry that. If there are trial lessons left when you purchase the formal one, we will convert two trial lessons into one formal lesson in your account. If there is only one trial lesson left, it will also be converted into one formal lesson.

2 What is class validity?
The lessons purchased in 77Chinese have to be completed in a certain period, which is call class validity. For average students, our settled validity is long enough to accomplish the courses.

3 If I can’t finish all lessons in the period of validity, what should I do about the left?
If there are expired classes, two ways can solve this problem:
1 purchase new lessons, then validity of your expired lessons will be changed according to your newly bought lessons.
2 apply to extend the expiration date. Every 10 days extended will cost you one formal lesson. The longest time for your extension is infinite.

4 How can I apply for 77Chinese's subscription?
If you are satisfied with our Chinese teaching service after your free trial, our service staff will guide you through the process of paying for subscription service. You can also directly pay for the subscription by clicking the "Buy lessons" button.

5 If I am not satisfied with the current teacher, and want to change another one, what should I do?
Please contact our service person directly; we will arrange another teacher for you as soon as possible.

Price and Payment
1 Are payments done before or after each lesson?
First trial lesson is free. For more lessons, you can pay either before or after the lesson. But the payment after the lesson is a little higher.

2 How much is it for a beginner?
It is 4.9 dollars per lesson for trial lesson. Formal lesson is ranging from 10 to 15 dollars per lesson. The more lessons you buy each time, the cheaper it will be.

3 How can I pay for the service?
We accept Visa, Master, Discover, and American Express Cards as well as PayPal, and pay with WesternUnion and Bank Transfer. It is safe and quick!

4 How do I use PayPal?
You have the option to pay by PayPal. Click the button and you will be taken to the PayPal system to pay for your courses. PayPal enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.

5 How do I use WesternUnion?
Western Union Money Transfer™ Service. It is simple to send money in person. Just go to any of their Agent locations worldwide Tell the advisor after you have already send the money to us, Give us your "sender name" and "MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)". We will check the Money Transfer as quickly as possible. For more information, please visit their website: http://www.westernunion.com/

Technical Support
1 What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password you can set up a new password by following the procedure below:
1. Click the Forget Password button when you signing in.
2. Input the E-mail address you use when you sign up and submit.
3. We will send you an e-mail containing a new password.
4. Sign in with the new password.

2 How do I change my password?
You can change your password at any time after you sign up.
1. Sign in with your ID and password and click My Account.
2. Click "My Information".
3. Click "Change My Password".
4. Enter your new password.
5. Confirm your new password.

3 Can I change my ID?
Sorry, you are not able to change your ID at 77Chinese, but if you wish, you can sign up a new ID.

4 Computer and Software Requirements
Webcam and microphone are needed.
We strongly suggest that you install one of the following instant messaging programs to access our online language sessions:
Skype (preferred): http://www.skype.com
MSN Instant Messenger: http://join.msn.com/messenger/overview

5 Displaying Chinese Characters
For Windows XP users:
Open your Control Panel, select "Regional and Language Options". Go to the "Languages" tab; under "Supplemental Language Support", select "Install Files for Asian Languages," Then "OK", "OK". Wait for the files to install, then restart your computer.
Return to "Regional and Language Options" and the "Languages" tab. Under "Text Services & Input Languages", "Installed Services", select Add.In "Add Input Language" dialog, choose "Input Language", "Chinese, PRC," "OK".
For Windows 2000 users:
Open Windows Start menu > Settings > Control Panel.
Select the Regional Options icon.
On the General tab under "Language settings for the system," click Simplified Chinese, and then click Add (if there is such a button). When you click OK, your computer may demand the Windows 2000 or Office 2000 CD-ROM so that it can copy font files to your hard disk.
Click "Input Locales." Click the "Add" button and, under "Input Locale," choose "Chinese (PRC)."
Under "Keyboard Layout" choose "MS Pinyin". In the lower part of the dialog, you can set "Switch between Input Locales" to either control-shift or alt-shift. "Switch to English" can be left at "none,".
Be sure to choose the "Enable indicator on taskbar" box.
For Mac users:
Open 'System Preferences'>'International'>'Input Menu'
Turn on 'Simplified Chinese' and/or 'Traditional Chinese.'
Make sure 'Show Input Menu in Menu Bar' is checked.
Close the 'System Preference' window.
Go to the 'Input Menu' (if you are using a US system, it should be a US flag icon) and select Simplified Chinese and/or Traditional Chinese.
Click on the 'Input Menu' again, you should see a list of 8 input methods at the bottom half of the pull down menu. You should choose Pinyin unless you are more comfortable with another system.
For other devices and operating systems, please do a google search.

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