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We provide one-on-one private classes to individual Chinese learners, which work similarly to the face-to-face tutoring class at home. It is a completely individualized learning system to match your current proficiency level and tailored to your actual learning needs. At the same time, we selected a lot popular Chinese textbooks published by the most authoritative organizations for Chinese learners at different levels and with different purposes. So you will always find the very textbook which is fit to you, and your learning schedule will be usually based on the textbook you selected just as how it goes in a regular school.

In one-on-one private class, the most important thing students concern about is how to find a proper teacher. Besides the elements such as teacher’s teaching level and method which will influence the class’ quality, the teacher’s characteristics also matters. The settlement of our trail lesson aims at helping you to find your own suitable teacher, through making different teacher to teach in different classes, which will last half an hour each time. It should be noticed that the first trail lesson is free, but we will charge the rest of the trail lessons, which need you to purchase if you want to continue your study.

Trail Lesson 
Curriculum Regular Chinese
Teachers Different teachers 
Hours 30 minutes per lesson
Fees $4.9 per lesson
Free textbook Yes 
Pay after class No

Formal Lesson 
Curriculum Regular Chinese / Business Chinese
Travel Chinese / Chinese for kids
Chinese for HSK
Teachers Private Teacher
Hours 60 minutes per lesson
Fees $11.9-$14.9 per lesson
Free textbook Yes
Pay after class Allowed

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