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A great teacher will always be the heart of an excellent education. All of our teachers are native speakers from China , they have received professional and systematic training in "teaching Chinese as a foreign language." Our teachers have also received rigorous training in teaching Chinese online. Their effective instruction has been highly praised by students who have attended their lessons.
Typical Profiles of Teachers

Chinese Name: 吴晓燕
English Name: Chengcheng
From: Beijing, China
Hi! I’m Chengcheng (xīn xiǎng shì chéng), which means May all your wishes come true. I have been teaching Chinese online for more than two years. Be good at teaching children, the beginners, spoken Chinese and HSK learners. I will help you to reduce the difficulty of learning Chinese. Do you know “床bed”?The outer is“广wide” , the inner is“木wood”. A bed is made of wood, and a wide bed is very comfortable.
Two years experience

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